Classic SD – Berlin

Silently I’m starting to get more and more 58mm SAKs. They are not the main goal of my collection.
But I went out of my way to get this one…

I visited Berlin this summer and did a quick search beforehand to see if there were any regional SAKs. Like the 91mm tourist knives. Sadly there were none, but it got even better. This 58mm Classic SD has a metal Brandenburger Tör inlay.

The only store I could find selling these is ‘berlindeluxe‘ a souvenir shop Berlin-Steglitz. Though if you want you can order it online. The shop has a lot of nice souvenirs, for that it’s worth the travel.
The whole shopping experience got a bit of a bitter aftertaste because I had to pay extra to buy it in store because there were no shipping costs… Which is very odd to say the least.

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