Wenger Skier

Sadly, this SAK is no longer in my collection.
I sold it to save up money for a new backpack.
It still is an interesting SAK so it’s worth to take a look at.

Some of the more interesting tools can be found on Wenger knives. I grew up with Victorinox, so Wenger always felt a bit exotic to me.

The skier has a very basic toolset, Large Blade, Nail File, Can-, Bottle Opener, Awl and Corkscrew. The interesting tool is the red plastic disk. It’s a wax applicator for skies. This one has never been used. The SAK was in near mint condition save the drawer damage to the scales. Which, of course, does not make it mint at all. However, the tools were spotless and unused.

I guess that’s an advantage of advertising knives. People get these but don’t buy them. So the chance of ending up in a drawer somewhere is greater than when people buy one to actually use.

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