Spartan – Siaspeed

Advertisement knives are not really my thing, but some are interesting.
Some have special inlays and some special scales, line this one.

Siaspeed makes abrasive papers. This SAK was a freebie with 6 boxes of 1950 abrasive paper (for sanding). That’s about €300,- of sanding paper.
While I could use some for remodeling our home that is a whole lot of paper!

I believe the scales are white celidor or nylon with a pink coating. It resembles sanding paper, but it’s printed. It does have a course texture though.
The Victorinox logo is in relief and printed in a dark grey, like the Siaspeed logo on the front scale.

The large blade has the Siaspeed logo etched on the blade.

I got it new in box. The standard Victorinox leaflet included. Oddly the box did not have a model number. Perhaps that’s normal for advertisement knives.

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