Microtech – Mini Venom

On the topic “Knives I really don’t need but bought anyway”: The Microtech Mini Venom.

(A quick note before we start; this is a replica knife*1)

Microtech never tickled my fancy. They are agressive knives and OTF (out the front) knives are illegal to carry here in Holland. So there is no practical use for me to own one. As we’ll see in a moment, the Venom isn’t very practical. So no problems there.

Technically OTF knives are very interesting. The mechanism uses most of the length of the handle, thereby limiting the length of the blade. When deployed there is little blade material left in the handle putting a lot of force on the scales. So the handle has to be really strong in order to use this knife, especially as a fighting knife.

The Mini Venom is the smaller variant of the VenomTech. Like I said it’s impractical.
OTF knives hide their blade in the handle, deploying it rapidly with the slide of a switch. The Venom has the tip sticking out. You can’t put this in your pocket, it’ll stab you 3,18 cm in the leg if you do. Instead you carry this knife in a kydex sheath. I bet you can mount it on a belt, but yo could also opt for a concealed carry x-harness.

The mini really is mini with a handle length of only 8,9 cm. Making it just a hair shorter than a standard Swiss Army Knife. When you remove it from it’s sheath a 3,18 cm tip is exposed. It’s an aggressive tip, with edges on both sides. If you’re not used to handle daggers please be careful as they cut on both sides .

It takes a little effort to pull the trigger on this blade, but when you do the tip launches forward to extend the entire 9,4 cm blade. Giving the knife a total length of 18,3 cm.

I’ve read reviews where people what use this knife has. The regular Venomtec is obviously an assault knife. The 2″ protruding tip is perfect for stabbing the moment you remove it from it’s sheath. This little fellow has to be for collection purposes. The 7 cm blade is small for big tasks, combine that with a 9 cm blade and you have a knife with lopsided proportions.
Considering the purpose of the original VenomTech the Mini Venom is an attack knife that will do very little more than attack milk cartons. Costing around $700,-…

But make no mistake. This is a very cool knife. It has a very clean design, a nice machined slide switch on the side and two window breakers on the back. Together with the exposed tip it gives the knife a very aggressive look.

With that thought in mind, I’ll only use this knife at home. Considering the nature of this knife I don’t feel any need to carry this. And since it’s a Mini Venom it’s highly impractical as a defensive weapon.

*1 A quick note before we start; this is a replica knife
If that bothers you please stop reading. I have a few replica knives in my collection, those are knives that are beyond my reach. They are unobtainable either by price or by numbers. Having a replica gives me the possibility to try it, get a feel for it. These by no means represent the quality of the real knives.

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